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As a leading agency in North Mississippi for nearly 14 years, specializing in marketing, public relations, and event planning, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. We believe in standing out from the crowd and never blending in! If you’re seeking a team that knows how to make waves and leave a lasting impression, you’re in the right place!

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Let’s Leapfrog
the Competition!

Karen Stanely, a seasoned Marketing Director, found herself unexpectedly downsized, leading her to embrace entrepreneurship with neonFROG—an ode to her first car and a lifelong love for frogs. Since its inception in 2011, neonFROG has evolved into a dynamic marketing force, serving the Golden Triangle community with creativity and innovation. neonFROG’s team collaborates with local entrepreneurs and major corporations alike, crafting impactful campaigns and events. From social media strategies to websites, neonFROG’s quirky charm and passion for marketing shine through, helping businesses leapfrog their competition with every project.

Whether you need a long-term retainer or project by project assistant, neonFROG steps in when you need us, and steps out when you don’t! 




case studies

Reach your customers
at the right time in the right way!

Doughnuts Don't sell themselves!


Some gigs cause you to gain weight because you are stressed; however, stressed spelled backward is desserts, which was why this event was not always good for our waistline. neonFROG was hired to launch the Krispy Kreme franchise in Columbus, Mississippi. 

from concept to culinary success


There are life moments when your past plays out in your current life. This project was one of them.  Five names and branding concepts were developed for review. The name Breaux Bridge was chosen. Here is how the name and concept were created in what has now become three restaurants located in Columbus, Meridian, and Jackson.

What's with all the frogs?

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People like to talk …
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“Best Marketing and PR people in the world!! The Frog Rocks!!! …”


“neonFROG will help make your brand boom! Extremely knowledgeable and professional staff with a desire to help individuals and companies of all sizes!”


“First time meeting with these folks today, very professional, very knowledgeable. Look forward to working with them. I was very impressed”

Hank V.

We step in where
you need us to.