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Owner and Marketing Director

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Concentrations in Communications & Public Relations

School: Mississippi University for Women

A small-town girl with big dreams of making brands shine brighter than neon signs – that’s Karen! After years of helping businesses on the side and volunteering for causes close to her heart, she decided to take the plunge and create neonFROG. She is the brains behind Frogland and believes every business, big or small, deserves a chance to stand out in the crowd. She’s not your average marketing director! She is a brand whisperer, a PR guru, and an event-planning extraordinaire, all rolled into one! From revamping recycling programs to launching mouthwatering restaurant campaigns, she’s done it all, and she’s loved every minute of it. When she’s not making marketing dreams come true, you can find her wrangling two teenage boys, traveling, or hanging with her girl squad! 🐸☕

Olivia Randall

Marketing Coordinator

Hometown: Meridian, MS

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with a Concentration in Integrated Digital Marketing

School: Mississippi State University

Introducing Olivia, our resident meme maestro bringing a whirlwind of creativity and caffeinated energy to our team! With one foot in the world of marketing and the other tiptoeing down the aisle, Olivia is the ultimate multitasking marvel. When she’s not concocting clever campaigns or coordinating color schemes, you’ll catch her knee-deep in Canva, turning everyday moments into internet gold. But Olivia isn’t just about likes and comments; she’s also a superhero on the weekends, donning her cape for volunteer opportunities all over Mississippi and spreading joy faster than a viral video. So whether she’s crafting memes or making a difference, Olivia brings the laughs and the love to everything she does!💍🎨🦸‍♀️

Katelyn Lowe

Brand Designer & Illustrator

Hometown: Columbus, MS

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design

School: Mississippi University for Women

Meet Katelyn, the whimsical mind behind our clients’ vibrant designs and illustrations! With a lifelong love for all things frogs, Katelyn brings a touch of playful charm to every project she undertakes. Just like our amphibian friends, she’s always ready to leap into action, crafting imaginative solutions to elevate your brand to new heights. When she’s not busy bringing design ideas to life, Katelyn loves cheering on the bulldogs with her boyfriend at MSU. And what’s a day’s work without a good soundtrack? Katelyn’s love for music knows no bounds, and you can often find her jamming out to her favorite tunes, drawing inspiration from the rhythm and melody as she creates. With Katelyn on our team, your brand is in good hands! 🐶🎶🖌️

Paige Grabowski

Social Media Coordinator

Hometown: Avon Lake, OH

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Bachelor of Business Administration with Concentrations in Marketing, Management, and Law

School: Mississippi State University

Say hi to Paige, the Social Media Coordinator at Frogland. Originally from Northeast Ohio, she’s always up for new adventures, now calling Mississippi home. With a curiosity for cultures and a knack for connecting with people, networking is more than a hobby—it’s her way of life. Paige believes everyone she meets leaves a mark, shaping her journey. Joining neonFROG is her next exciting step into the marketing world, driven by her love for social media. When not crafting content or strategizing, she’s cheering on MSU, hanging with friends, or exploring her creative side through various artistic mediums. Paige is ready to make waves in marketing, one idea at a time! ✈️👥📱

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